LIFE | Getting your SS Number (PH)

Last week, me and my friends spent a day to process our SSS membership and application for NBI clearance. Here are my tips based on our experience.


  • KNOW the NEAREST SSS OFFICE from your area.

Click here for the list of SSS offices and their locations.

  • PREPARE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Original or Certified True Copy), A PHOTOCOPY OF IT, and your VALID I.D.

These will be needed for your application so don’t forget to bring these with you.

  • BE EARLY. In our case, we arrived at around 9am which is not that early so the office was already packed with people.
  • GET A NUMBER and ACCOMPLISH A FORM. Upon entry, the security guard gave us a number which is a good thing so that we don’t have to fall in line the whole time.  For first time applicants, the form you’ll be filling up is form E-1. Don’t forget to put your thumb print in the appropriate boxes.
  • WAIT FOR YOUR TURN. We had a little experiment wherein we tried to determine how much time it takes for each applicant to get attended to by the employee at the counter to give us a rough estimate of how much more time we have to wait.

Turns out, it takes around 2 MINUTES per applicant. Since we still have to wait for several hours, we decided to grab lunch at a nearby mall instead of waiting inside the SSS office BORED   and HUNGRY.

Note: Bring something to entertain yourself, like a book or a game.


The pink slip (duplicate copy) will be given to you and that will be your personal copy. Your SS number can be found at the upper left hand corner. We were able to finish at around 2:30PM, soooo yeah, we spent around 5 hours. T___T

Form E-1 pink slip (duplicate copy)

Hope you found some of the information helpful.


P.S. I’ll try to make a post about getting an NBI clearance once I already get mine. I still have to wait for a week.