Top 10 apps a student should have in his or her smartphone/tablet


School has already started in the Philippines just a few weeks ago. I believe, in some countries students are still on summer break, am I right? Anyway, today I’ll be sharing with you my top 10 apps that I think every student should have in his or her mobile device.

Let me just ramble more for a bit. I just graduated from college last April and it was just only on the month of October last year when I got to have my first ever smartphone (yeah right, poor me) – it wasn’t even high end. I can say that my phone was of big help during my last few months as a college student and my college life would have been way easier if I had a smartphone when I started University.

The top 10 apps I will be sharing here are not arranged in any particular order. I have used each app listed here (unless stated) and in my opinion, they can be very helpful for students in middle school, high school or college. Each app name is linked to its download page in the Google Play Store (you need a Google account to download them). Obviously, this is for Android users (Sorry Apple users). I’m not sure if these apps are also available in the App store.


1. HomeWork

This is my most used app school-wise. What’s cool about this app is that you can input several details such as your class schedule, your grades, your home works (the name says it, duh!) It also reminds you if you have upcoming exams or assignments!

HomeWork Menu copy

HomeWork New homework copy

Each subject can be color coded to better see your whole schedule (which can be viewed as Day or Week). Details such as Name, Contact Number, & e-mail address of your professor for a certain subject can be inputted as well as the start/end time and the room were your class is held. A Temporary Schedule feature is also available wherein you can change temporarily your class schedule if the a time slot is changed or if a class is cancelled.

HomeWork Weekly copy

There is also a Mark list where you can input your test scores and have better monitoring of how you’re doing in a certain class.

HomeWork widget

What I like the best about this app is that you can place widgets in your home screen. You can put a timetable and/or homework widget so that you can be reminded of your schedule, upcoming assignments, and exams (you can tick off the things that you have accomplished in the homework widget). Another feature that I like is that you don’t have to always switch your phone into silent mode. If your phone is set on the ‘not silent’ mode (lol) the app will automatically switch it to silent if your timetable says that you have a class at that time, and will switch it back to normal when a class ends.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There will ALWAYS come a time when you will encounter a word that you’re not very familiar with whether it be while you’re listening to your teacher, answering a homework, or reading some reference books or handouts. A pocket dictionary (in a form this app) would be very handy. Plus, it is great if you try and learn new words everyday to enrich your vocabulary.

Merriam Home copy Merriam blog copy

Another suggestion would be a dictionary related to your Major or Course. Like for example, for Biology majors, an app that has definition for different Biology related terms. I don’t have one though.

3. Evernote

This app is a good replacement or alternative for your handy-dandy notebook. When you need to take note of something but don’t have a pen or paper or both (are you sure you’re a student?!) at hand, this app is very useful. Aside from taking down some text, you can also quickly take a picture or record some audio using Evernote. This app also has some customizable widgets that you can place in your home screen for easier access.

Evernote 1 copy Evernote widget copy

4. Adobe Reader

Again, one of my most used app. In our university, some professors would upload soft copies of their power point presentations. I usually convert them to pdf files and then store a copy in my phone and open it using Adobe reader. It’s more convenient to review the presentation using a phone or tablet while walking or commuting (aka cramming for an exam). I used to read different references and texts using this. You can highlight, write text, or draw on the pdf file using this app, though I still prefer having a hard copy of the handout for highlighting and writing additional notes/doodles 😉 .

Adobe reader highlight options copy Adobe reader highlight copy

5. Dolphin Browser (or any good web browser)

I prefer this browser over the one pre-installed browser in my phone. I just like the UI better and find more useful features. When you need to research on something, the internet is your best friend. But it’s not always that a computer/laptop is accessible. I have used this browser for searching last minute stuff or just random things to pass by time. You can also access your e-mail, and download or upload school-related files using web browsers.

Dolphin 2 copy Dolphin 1 copy Dolphin 3 copy

6. Office Suite

I haven’t really used this app though it was in my phone, don’t know why I didn’t. I think this would be very useful too since it can read Word, Excel, ppt and pdf files. While testing out this app just now, I find that it’s convenient for reading doc, xls and ppt files. For ppt files you can view it in Outline view or even play the ppt as slideshow which I think is handy. I still prefer opening pdf files using the Adobe reader, though.

Office Suite copy

7. RealCalc Scientific Calculator and/or Unit Converter

These two are different, I know. But some of you might find just one of them useful. For me, I just downloaded the Unit converter because sometimes I’m too lazy to manually compute and convert whatever measurements. I haven’t really tried the sci cal because I have an actual scientific calculator and my pre-installed phone calculator is pretty decent so I didn’t try the sci cal out. I like pressing hard on the buttons when computing which I don’t get to experience in touch screens. Another thing is I want to really get used to the calculator that I will be using during exams; mobile phone use is prohibited during exams (as well as during class, actually). It’s called RealCalc because the UI looks like an actual calculator! (minus the physical buttons)

Unit converter copy Unit converter sample copy

8. Aldiko

This is an app where you can read e-books whether it be for school or for entertainment purposes. It’s pretty similar to Kindle, I think. The customization features are pretty decent and the UI is very user friendly. I’ve finished reading several books using Aldiko.

Aldiko home copy Aldiko 1 copy

(yes I read the FSOG trilogy, don’t judge me) :p

9. Flashlight/Tiny Flashlight + LED

You’ll just never know when you will be needing some light – literally. In our University, power interruptions are quite frequent and most classes end at around 7pm which is already dark; some students still have meetings beyond that time. There was one instance when we had a power interruption in class, and my professor had to borrow my phone because I was one of the few who had a flashlight (and mine was the brightest btw). This app has several ‘light’ options, aside from the flashlight, such as: strobe light, light bulb, morse code, police lights, etc (pretty cool huh?) Take note though, that only phones with flash can maximize the use of this app and this can drain your battery quickly. Some just use a blank white screen as source of some light.

Flashlight copy Flashlight main copy

10. Juice Defender

Lastly, the Juice Defender. This app defends your juice. WHUT? I’m referring to battery juice. The Juice Defender extends the battery life of your phone as much as it can for your phone to last the whole day even with too much usage. Before I had this app, my phone was dead or nearly dead before I got home; I noticed much improvement in terms of battery life after I installed this app.

Juice copy

Other recommendations:

Here are some other apps that I recommend you trying out!

Periodic Table – haven’t tried it but I know this will be useful for those taking Chemistry!

MX player – for watching videos

Double Twist – awesome music player

Candy Crush Saga – if you still haven’t joined the bandwagon

Noom – for health conscious individuals & for those undergoing diets

PicsArt – for taking/editing/making a collage of pictures

How about you? What apps do you recommend for students?


Danielle ♥