TIMEX Arm Candy

It has been over a year of me being “watchless”. My mom “borrowed” my watch from me when hers ran out of battery, and she still hasn’t returned my watch nor had her watch battery replaced. Long story short, I asked her to buy me a watch and she was kind enough to do so.

We’re lucky because the mall we went to was having a sale. There wasn’t much of a variety in terms of selections but I was able to spot this Timex watch. It’s a simple watch with a white dial and a mesh metal strap. The dial is a little over an inch in diameter making my wrist look smaller. It is also quite light weight probably because of the thin metal mesh strap. I prefer metal straps over leather straps because they don’t turn gross as I use them overtime (if you know what I mean).

DSC_0334 copy

This is the model T2N679. The original price was p 3,490Β  but it was on sale for 15% off so we just paid p 2,966.50 which I think is pretty good deal.

It came with this simple navy blue box that has a small pillow that I’m planning on using as a pin cushion. Haha.
I’m very happy with this purchase! πŸ™‚

DSC_0384 copy

Danielle β™₯