SKIN CARE | Fade acne scars with Calamansi juice (tropical lemon)

I’m one of those people that suffer with acne though I must say that my acne problem is not that bad compared to others that get so many breakouts and those that need to get intense treatments like Accutane. I get a maximum of around 5 breakouts all at the same time during my bad days. One bad habit I have is that I tend to pop my zits (which is a huge NO NO), and that results to scarring or dark spots.

There are several drugstore and high end treatments that target the dark spots caused by pimples, but I won’t be dealing with those now. Today, I’ll be taking about a natural ingredient for fading acne scars – pure calamansi juice.

Many have attested to the effectiveness of lemon juice in lightening dark spots. Lemons, in tropical countries like the Philippines though, are quite expensive. So instead of using lemon juice, I used a relative of it which is calamansi (aka calamondin). Both belong to the family Rutaceae and contain high amounts of vitamin C. The acidity and the vitamin C are the main factors responsible in helping fade acne scars & lighten dark spots.

Basically, what I did was I juiced out the calamansi fruits and stored the juice (good for 1 week application) in a small plastic bottle that I stored in the refrigerator. Every night, I would put some juice on a cotton pad and gently pat it on my clean face, leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse with water. After that, I put on my moisturizer.

There is a stinging sensation when I have the juice on my face which is caused by the high acidity of the calamansi. The stinging subsides as the juice dries so it’s not much of a big deal.

I did this nightly for 3 weeks (though there were some instances where I got lazy, and didn’t put the calamansi juice treatment, oops!)

Here are the results:

acne copy

As you can see, the scars are still there but have lightened a little bit. The process may take a few months to see dramatic results.ย  (The zit in the 2nd picture is a new one, in case you were wondering.)

In case you want to try this out:

If you have sensitive skin, I don’t recommend leaving it on your face for too long because it might irritate your skin. 15-20 minutes will suffice. Others, though, even leave the calamansi juice on their face overnight. You know your skin best, so it’s up to you how long you want it on before rinsing. TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

UPDATE: As of the moment, I’m not doing this treatment anymore because I’ve gotten quite lazy with my skin care routine in general. OTL. But this has been my go-to treatment when I want to fade my acne scars/dark spots.

Let me know if you try this out! What other natural ingredients do you use to lighten dark spots?