Mayo Hair be Brought Back to Life! (My Mayonnaise Hair Conditioning Experience – Thoughts + Before & After photos)

As the LONG title says, this will be about my experience using mayonnaise as a once a week hair conditioner. For some background, check out this previous post with a little of my hair history.

What I did was I conditioned my hair with mayonnaise every weekend for 4 weeks (1 month). 1 sachet containing 80 mL of mayo is enough to generously soak my hair which is around the bust area in length.

For reference, here’s how my hair looked before the weekly hair conditioning.

Picture Package copy

(My hair doesn’t really look THIS BAD; it was especially unruly that day. I just finger combed it a bit after taking down from a messy bun before I took this photo.) I must say, though, that my hair was indeed dull, dry, and unhealthy.

Weekend 1

I drenched my hair in mayonnaise for 1 hour & a half before rinsing it off and then shampooed right after. I noticed that my hair was softer & shiny after my first mayo conditioning. The following day my hair still looked shiny and not as frizzy. I can notice some subtle mayonnaise smell even after shampooing for two consecutive days. On the third day, my hair is back to its old dull & frizzy self, though not as dry. Therefore I can say that the immediate effect of mayonnaise fades as the hair gets shampooed/washed.

(Forgot to take some AFTER photos, my bad!)

Weekend 2

This time I soaked my hair in mayonnaise still for 1 hour & a half (night time). After that, I just rinsed my hair well with water without shampooing. I let my hair dry a little before going to sleep. The next morning, I noticed that my hair feels soft and looks shiny, much way better than how it looked after my first treatment which was rinsed and shampooed after.

If you don’t shampoo your hair after rinsing, it may get borderline greasy the next day; but I prefer slightly greasy but shiny hair over dull, dry, & frizzy hair. If you have thin hair strands, your hair may look limp because the residual mayo will weigh down your hair.

Here is the after photo the next day. My hair is extra soft and glossy because it was still quite damp from last night’s shower.)

Next Day copy

Weekend 3

I did the same but left the mayo on my hair overnight. The following day, I rinsed and shampooed my hair. It looked shinier and felt smoother. Throughout the week, the “shiny-ness” of my hair gradually faded but does not really come back to the dull state before I did my first ever mayo treatment.

Here’s what my hair looks like the following day after shampooing…

DSC_0058 copy

And a day after that (also with shampooing). Notice that my hair wasn’t as smooth & shiny looking in comparison to the photo above ^.

DSC_0042 copy

Weekend 4

Same drill. I also let the mayo stay on my hair overnight. Rinsed and shampooed my hair the following day. Results were the same, my hair feels healthier and not as dry as before.

After photo (next day). My hair looks dark because there’s not much light outside. It was a gloomy day the day I took this photo.

Week 4 copy

Here’s another photo, which is a day after (not shampooed), with somehow better lighting.


I can say that my once a week mayo hair conditioning for four weeks helped improve and revive my dry, dull, & damaged hair. Now it looks healthier and a little shiny, not as frizzy and more manageable. I’ve mentioned that the shine slightly fades as you rinse and shampoo your hair but I noticed that there ARE improvements to my hair as every week passed by. To see long term results, I recommend that you do this mayo hair conditioning every weekend. If possible, it would be better if you can leave the mayo on your hair overnight. Just put your hair up in a bun and cover your pillow with something like a towel.

Also, since the mayonnaise can weigh down your hair, don’t put mayo on the upper part of your head/scalp area. Concentrate mostly on the tips up to the part near your ear since those are the parts that are the older and more damaged. Those parts of your hair need more care & nourishment.

Here’s how my hair looks like now compared to my hair 4 weeks ago. 🙂

TADAAAA!!! Pretty huge difference right?



– VERY CHEAP treatment

– easily accessible

– has immediate results

– made long term improvement to my hair with continued use


– hair will have faint mayo smell

– may be a little bit messy during application

– some may dislike the smell of mayo (especially during the application process)

Mayonnaise is good for the hair mainly because it contains eggs, vegetable oils, and vinegar. They help restore the oils and moisture in our hair making it smooth and shiny, All of the above are popular natural hair care products and they are all in one product which is MAYONNAISE! 😀


Mayo is like the all-in-one conditioner in your kitchen. The perfect budget-friendly hair care product! 😛

Have you tried mayonnaise as a hair conditioner? Did you like the results? 🙂
I’m definitely happy with mine, and I plan on continuing doing this every weekend!