Hair: SOS! Mayonnaise to the rescue!

Once you de-virginize (lol) your hair and introduce it to dyes, coloring, heat, & other harmful hair treatments; it is bound to become dull & dry if you don’t take care of it with your own hair care routine.

I once had quite nice hair. Smooth, shiny, and not easily tangled. But I introduced my virgin hair to hair color (Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown) more than a year ago. Right after the coloring, I’ve noticed that my hair has become a little bit drier so I regularly used conditioner. The conditioner didn’t really do much good to my hair. Anyway, 5 months after that, the roots of my hair have become more obvious so I decided to dye it for the second time; again, with the Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring but in the shade Mocha Pink. My hair felt drier but I just decided to manage the dryness by regularly using conditioner. Since I’ve noticed that my hair hasn’t been at its very best condition, I decided to give it a rest for around 8 months before I decided on coloring it again, now with the Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Cream in Red Brown. I’m not sure if it’s because my hair has gotten weaker because of the series of hair colorings, or the Tony Moly hair dye is harsher than the Etude House one but I noticed that my hair has become noticeably drier, duller, and more tangled than before which saddened me despite me liking my new hair color. I also noticed that I get more hair fall recently which kinda freaks me out. Every time I apply conditioner through my hair, several strands will clump in my hands, which has never happened to me before! T^T. I just put up with it for some months mainly because I was busy with my last year in school and really had no spare cash to spend on expensive hair treatments.


My virgin hair back in 2011


After my first hair coloring


After my second hair coloring (2012)


After my third hair coloring (2013)

2013-07-28_11.02.532013-07-28_10.55.18 - Copy

See the difference? My hair is dull & dry. T_____T

But just recently, I decided that I want to bring my healthy hair back!!! I just want healthy, shiny hair that won’t get tangled a lot when I finger comb it. I’m still in the search for a good hair serum that is affordable and is suitable for my hair, I’m leaning towards buying the Pantene Overnight Miracle serum but I haven’t really made up my mind.

First, I decided on trying out the famous home remedy for dry, dull hair – mayonnaise! I’ve read and heard so many good things about what mayonnaise can do to your hair, I was just too lazy to even give it a try. But hey! Last weekend, I decided to try it! And guess what?! I’ve been amazed to see results even with just my first try.

So basically, I bought a regular sachet of mayonnaise (just the cheap one) and used this whole sachet to apply all over my hair, focusing more on the ends. After slathering all that mayo goodness, I tied my hair in a bun and did some house errands. Supposedly, you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, but because I was so busy, I left the mayo soak up my hair for around an hour and a half (1 hour, 30 min). I just think that the recommended 15-20 minutes is more for the person’s convenience. Mayo has no harsh chemicals that may harm or damage your hair if you leave it there for too long. So 1 hour and a half later, I rinsed and shampooed my hair. I noticed that my hair felt softer, but I just thought that it could be just because my hair is damp, so I let it air dry. After drying, my hair looks more tamed and healthy, I was pleased with the results especially because I used a product that isn’t really for the hair and is very cheap!!! The next day, my hair still looks healthier, shinier, and not as frizzy. Even my mom said that it doesn’t look as dull as it used to! I’ll be doing my 2nd mayo treatment this weekend! I’ll do this every weekend for a month and then write another blog post about my Mayo Hair SOS experience! Laters!

Sorry for this long blabber, I just wanted to share my budding love affair with mayo. β™₯___β™₯

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UPDATE: I’ve noticed that the “effect” of the mayonnaise fades; after 3 days my hair is back to being dull & dry again. But I’m about to do another mayo conditioning later. Hopefully after a month, there will be an improvement that won’t fade. πŸ™‚